Friday, 28 August 2009

Similarities between Lord Krishna and Jesus Christ

Did you know that there were similarities between Krishna and Jesus Christ.
here it is:
  • Yeshua and Krishna were called both a God
  • Krishna and Jesus were of royal descent.
  • Both were visited at birth by wise men and shepherds, guided by a star.
  • Angels in both cases issued a warning that the local dictator planned to kill the baby and had issued a decree for his assassination. The parents fled. Mary and Joseph stayed in Muturea; Krishna's parents stayed in Mathura.
  • Jesus was called "the lion of the tribe of Judah." Krishna was called "the lion of the tribe of Saki."
  • Both claimed: "I am the Resurrection."
  • Both referred to themselves having existed before their birth on earth.
  • Both were god-men: being considered both human and divine.
  • Both performed many miracles, including the healing of disease. One of the first miracles that both performed was to make a leper whole. Each cured "all manner of diseases."
  • Both cast out indwelling demons, and raised the dead.
  • Both were meek, and merciful. Both were criticized for associating with sinners.
  • Both celebrated a last supper. Both forgave his enemiesKrishna's "...foster-father Nanda had to journey to Mathura to pay his taxes" just as Jesus foster-father Joseph is recorded in the Gospel of Luke as having to go to Bethlehem to pay taxes.
  • "The story about the birth of Elizabeth's son John (the Baptist), cousin of Jesus, corresponds with the story in the Krishna myth about the birth of the child of Nanda and his wife Yasoda." Nanda was the foster-father of Krishna.
  • The Greek God Dionysos, Jesus and Krishna were all said to have been placed in a manger basket after birth.
  • Were Krishna and Yeshua both crucified and later raised to heaven?
    In addition to the above points of correspondence between Yeshua and Krishna, there may be one more similarity: they may have both been crucified.
    In his book, Graves stated flatly that both Yeshua and Krishna were crucified between two thieves, at the age of about 30 to 36 by "wicked hands." However, this may have been wishful thinking. The "common, orthodox depiction of Krishna's death relates that he was shot in the foot with an arrow while under a tree." But:
    The author Jacolliot, referring to the "Bagaveda-Gita and Brahminical traditions," states that the body of Krishna: "was suspended to the branches of a tree by his murderer, that it might become the prey of the vultures...[Later] the mortal frame of the Redeemer had disappeared--no doubt it had regained the celestial abodes..."
  • M. Guigniaut's Religion de l'Antiquité, which states: "The death of Crishna is very differently related. One remarkable and convincing tradition makes him perish on a tree, to which he was nailed by the stroke of an arrow."
  • There are other references to Krishna being crucified, and being shown with holes in his feet, hands and side.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Law of Conservation of Energy

The ‘Shivpurana’ is a set of texts devoted to the history and description of shiva - a Hindu God. One of the lines says-“He is Shakthi(meaning energy or power)…. He was never created, he is never destroyed. He exists, and is seen in many forms by us.”In this quote, if one substitutes ‘energy’ instead of ‘he’, it suggests the Law of consevation of energy(It states energy cannot be created nor destroyed,it can be changed from one form to the other) . It is said in the beginning that ‘he is shakthi’ there could clearly be no other meaning implied. This is amazing, to know that such a law that was discovered in a comparatively later age (latter half of second millennium) was known even in the ancient ages in India.

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Five states of Matter

Today scientists recognize mainly four forms of matter-solid,liquid,gas and plasma (which lies at a sort of transition state between energy and matter and exists in stars, etc). Apart from this, energy is also considered a form of matter (or vice-versa) after Einstein proved energy and matter could be interconverted through the famous formula E=mc2.Hindu texts state that the World is made of five elements (PanchaTatva): Earth (Bhoomi), Water(jal),air(vayu), Fire(agni) and Sky (aakash).Soil, water, air and fire describes the scientific forms of matter - solid, liquid, gas and energy, while the fifth Hindu element - sky - might describe vacuum - nothing but empty space, or even ether, a hypothesized fluid said to span the entire universe.Thus the forms of matter are covered in the Panchatatva

Friday, 21 August 2009

Thermodynamics of the world

Hinduism holds that once the Universe was more pure and free of sin, and as the yugas (Time cycles) progress, the condition of the Universe deteriorates more and more, until at the end of the last Yuga- the Kali Yuga (which is linked with disorder) the state of disorder will reach an apex and then God will come and purge the world of all sin and destruction.Almost all the religions throughout the world also describe disorder is increasing and that on a final Judgment day (or doomsday)- God will come to cleanse the world of evil. TheBible has several verses that imply disorder is always on the increase (contrasting with ideas of civilization,progress and development.)The Law of Entropy" is the second law of thermodynamics: every reaction, physical or chemical, in this Universe goes forward only if it attains a state of more disorder. By definition entropy is the measure of disorder of a system. For example, the evaporation of water to vapor or melting of ice to liquid leads to more ‘disorder’ among water molecules, which were once tightly packed together but are now more separated and disarranged.In other words, with forward movement of time, entropy of the Universe increases. This is what is implied in mentioning that the Universe is always moving towards disorder until it reaches a state of maximal entropy.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Test Tube Babies during the Mahabharata Period

According to the glimpses we get when we read these great indian epics . viz. Ramayana , Mahabharata, Gita etc. we get to know how the technology was at a high at that period.The story starts in the early Mahabharata background when there were two sons of a great king of kurukshetracalled as Kuru. There names were Pandu and Dhritrashtra. Before the great king expired away , according to the hierarchical rule elder son was expected to take up the throne . but the elder son dhritrashra was a born blind , so it was decided that to look after the interests of the subjects and the territory, younger son Pandu should be made the king. When this proposal was kept before him , he just refused away as he ws interested in meditation rather than kingship .Thus the council again considered and had to crown Dhritrashtra again with an assistant as his disposal who used to narrate the events happening around.Dhritrashtara's loyal wife Gandhari also used to Blind Fold herself as her husband was.At first Dhritrashtra and Gandhari had no chidren while Pandu had Five Sons who were great experts in their respective fields in arms handling .It had been long time they had no child . One day, a Rishi(Saint) Vyasa came to their place and grante her a boon and told her not to deliver before 2 years .She had it and after 2 years she gave birth to a lump of flesh . That ball of mass was divided to a hundered and one pieces and placed in 101 pots. eventaully the king got a hundred sons and a daughter from those pots. This incidence tells us that at that time Indian science was advance enough to give rise to Test Tube Babies.